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  • Sandipta Pal

What is web check-in?

Web check-in is another way by which your customers can check-in to the virtual queue. Apart from business check-in (Through your Q Waits Business app), App check-in (Through Q Waits app) and SMS check-in (currently not available in India), customers can also check-in to your business by opening the web link in their browser.

You must be wondering, how your customers will get to know about the web link. Yes that's a valid question. We will explain it below.

First of all you need to generate the QR Code placard from Business settings (for QR code of the business) or Queue settings (for QR code of the Queue), and paste it on your store front. Whenever a user scans the QR code by using the smartphone camera, it will redirect to the web link for check-in.

You can also add this check-in URL to your website. This will allow customers to check-in directly from your website.

You can also add this check-in URL to any social media platforms like Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

However, if the customer has already installed the Q Waits app, and scans the QR code from the app, it will open the screen having multiple queues (if the QR code as generated from Business settings) or the screen of the specific queue (if the QR code as generated from Queue settings), from where the customer can tap on the queue and check-in.

Secondly if you have opted for "Send web link" for SMS check-in (not applicable for India), in the settings, whenever a customer sends you a text message (in your designated phone number provided by us), the customer will receive the web link in the mobile as a text message. Customer can now open the web link in the browser and check-in to your business. Once the customer checks-in, a sms and/or email (as opted by the customer) is sent to the customer with a link to check the status of his/her position in the queue.

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