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  • Sandipta Pal

How to view questionnaire of a checked in person?

By now you already know that you can define service categories for you queue and add questionnaire for each of the service categories. When your customers check-in (through Q Waits app or Web check-in), they have to first select the service category and answer the question(s) set by you.

How will you be able to view the answers given by your customers? Yes that's what we are going to answer in this post.

Tap on the hamburger icon and once the drawer menu opens, tap on queue. Tap on Waiting and you will be able to view all your customers who have queued up to get in to your business. For each customer you will be able to view the service categories they have selected just below the customer name. In order to view the answers given by the customer for the selected category, simply tap on that customer and then on the Edit icon beside the the service category name. Once you tap on the Edit icon, you will get to see the service categories selected by your customer. Now tap on that service category to view the answers provided by your customer.

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