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In modern days, there is very little time for cooking at home during the week, especially for working people. People often do not feel like cooking, spending hours in the kitchen.


To satisfy cravings or unplanned dinners or maybe the unwillingness to get dressed for going to a restaurant, takeout is probably one of the best options. Customers can just place the order over the phone or through the web and pick it up from the restaurant.

But then wait time for picking up pre-ordered food from takeout has been a concern. Apart from the wait time, what frustrates customers is unexpected or unknown wait times. Customers have negative reactions to unexpected waiting. This often leads to cancellation of orders and customer walk-aways. These customers usually never turn up to these takeouts again. Takeouts need to focus on minimizing wait times and prompt delivery keeping in mind, customers order food only when they are hungry and hungry belly has no ears.


Since March 2020, COVID 19 has turned out to be a pandemic. Governments across the world have advised staying home, and maintain social distancing while going out to buy essentials. Restaurant businesses have hit an all-time low during this time with social distancing and capacity regulations in place. Customers are panic-stricken to go to restaurants during this time. Takeout and delivery of prepared food have picked up and somewhat allowed the restaurants to survive. But then, long queues in take-outs are not desired in order to flatten this curve.


Boolean Array, Canada has come up with a smart app-based virtual queuing solution Q Waits Business to manage the restaurant takeout business smoothly. Once the takeouts are ready to take orders, they can open the virtual queue and customers can now simply check-in using the QWaits app. Q Waits Business has SMS check-in integration also, so customers can also send a text message in order to book their position in the queue remotely. Q Waits Business uses AI to let the customers know their approximate wait time so that they can reach the restaurant accordingly and pick up their food. The need for standing in a long queue is not there at all.

Excited? Want to increase your sales without maintaining long queues? Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going.


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