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Queuing in Banks & financial institutions

In this digital world, when a lot of banking operations can be done through the digital channels, brick and mortar locations of banks also play a crucial role. Customers often go to banks to deposit pay-checks, get certified checks, for money orders, cash a check, get some document notarized, or get some issues resolved. A lot of surveys have predicted that the majority of the people still prefer going to physical branches of the banks. Banking experiences not only count the experience customers have while interacting with the banking personnel but also the painful frustrating queues which customers have to tolerate in order to get their job done. Customers often hesitate to join the long never-ending queues. But then customers have to go to their banks to fulfill their monetary needs. Old aged customers also need to go their banks to withdraw their pension.

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During this current pandemic of Covid-19, the banks, and financial institutions have been facing an enormous challenge to attend customers, ensure the safety of their staffs as well as provide excellent service. They have been forced to deploy social distancing practices in their premises as one of the precautionary measures to flatten this curve. During these restricted times, service has taken a toll in terms of customers' experience starting from arriving in the bank to leaving the bank after getting service from the banking professional. Customer wait time has increased a lot during this pandemic.


Banks can easily manage their businesses efficiently without these populous queues by using the simple app-based smart virtual queuing solution offered by Q Waits Business. Customers can book their queue remotely at their convenience and come to the bank only when their turn comes. Q Waits Business app does the waiting for all the customers, relieving them from the pain of standing in never-ending queues. Now the customers at least know their approximate wait time and also their position in the queue. This helps them to manage their time accordingly. Banks can also specify senior hours for the old aged customers through this app in order to serve them with the least congestion.


Virtual queuing seems to be the order of the situation in order to step up operational efficiency and also remove congestion in banks. Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going.


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