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Salons & spa

Customers visiting salons make a visit at least once in a month to maintain themselves. They often opt for a soothing massage after a hectic week of work or maybe a good hairdo to enrich their smartness. It has been observed that salons and spas, apart from grooming and beauty treatment are the best places for me-time and stress-relief.


Do they get stress-relief or they become more stressed? The real fact is that customers become frustrated when they have to stand in long queues without knowing the expected wait time. As the customers are not occupied, they feel bored and restless too.


As this contagious Coronavirus is continuing to create havoc across the world, most countries were compelled to enforce lockdown. This period of total shutdown meant zero hair-cutting, coloring, manicures/pedicures, or massages. Salons and spas have already suffered a lot. Although their businesses have opened now, social distancing and capacity regulations are like rubbing salt to wounds. Operational efficiency is pretty low with reduced strength and it is directly affecting their earnings as well as sending a negative vibe to their customers.


"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it." - Estee Lauder

Keeping in mind the sufferings of Salons and Spas, Boolean Array, Canada has come up with a simple app-based virtual queuing solution - Q Waits Business. As we say there is always hope beyond suffering, virtual queuing is that hope which brings in the sunshine amidst this darkness. Q Waits Business, has come to the rescue of the salons & spas so that they can carry on their business with improved efficiency and almost no congestion. A customer can now check-in to the salon from home through text message or using the Q Waits app without having the need to stand in the queue. The app keeps track of the customers in the queue, shows them their approximate wait time, and keeps on notifying them whenever they reach closer to being called. Salons and spas now can operate smoothly without the need for maintaining long queues. They can also notify their customers about business hours, senior hours, current operation mode so that they are well informed before booking their position in the queue.


If you are a Salon or a Spa owner and you wish to boost your operational efficiency and focus on customer satisfaction, download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going.


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