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It has been found in a survey that 97% of patients are frustrated while waiting in a clinic. Actually waiting in a clinic for long is a stress for the patients. Patients of different ages with different medical conditions have to wait for a doctor or health care professional in a crowded clinic for an unknown time. It has been found that in the USA, 30% of people have walked out of clinics due to long waits. In fact, A staggering 20% have changed doctors because of long wait times.

Source - ( Even doctors are often rated badly, due to long wait times.


The most difficult and frustrating thing to do is waiting - Dolly Goyal

During this current pandemic of Covid-19, the hospitals, clinics, and organizations related to healthcare services have been facing an enormous challenge to attend patients, ensure the safety of their staffs and patients as well as provide excellent service. They have been forced to deploy safe distancing practices in the clinics as one of the precautionary measures to flatten this curve. During these restricted times, service has taken a toll in terms of patient's experience starting from arriving in the clinic to leaving the clinic after receiving care from the health care professional. Patient wait time has increased a lot during this pandemic.


Boolean Array, Canada, has come up with a remarkable solution by launching an app - Q Waits Business on Virtual Queue management, to manage patients in clinics. Patients can now check-in remotely and wait at their convenience. Patients get to know their position in the queue and also the approximate wait time. Clinics can further specify dedicated senior hours in order to serve the aged with the least congestion.


Virtual queuing seems to be the order of the situation in order to step up operational efficiency and also remove congestion in clinics. Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going.


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