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  • Sandipta Pal

How to move a customer to a different queue?

There might be a scenario where your customer is waiting in the wrong queue by mistake. As a business admin, you will be able to move that customer to the desired queue. The customer won't have to cancel and check-in again.

If you wish to move a customer from the present queue to another queue, please follow the steps mentioned. Tap on the hamburger icon and when the drawer menu opens tap on Queue and then on Waiting. Identify the customer who needs to be moved. Tap on that customer and on top of the widget you will find a label - "Take to a different Queue". Tap on the arrow beside the text. You will land up in the business check-in screen. Select the appropriate queue name from the dropdown below, and tap on "Check-in" (if there are no service categories defined) or "Select service & check-in" (if you have defined service categories for your queue).

His position in the current queue will be cancelled and will be added in the other queue.

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