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  • Sandipta Pal

Virtual queuing needs to become a business-standard

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Just like every individual, businesses also have values, beliefs, missions, certain objectives, performance benchmarks, specific guidelines, and rules, often referred to as business standards to run their business successfully. Business standards such as quality, safety, performance, management systems often define how an organization acts, and this in return builds the trust of customers. Customer trust and satisfaction are two significant factors which no business would ever compromise with.

During this colossal crisis caused due to the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses across the world are partially closed or have been forced to work with reduced strength to ensure the safety of both customers and it's own staff. Operational efficiency has taken a backseat in most of the businesses. Safety being the prime factor now, customers are reluctant to go out for buying their essentials. Customers who are compelled to go out to get their grocery needs, medical essentials, or to the bank for their financial needs have found it very difficult to navigate to the business due to long queues. Social distancing being the new normal, customers have been experiencing a tough time in purchasing their essentials. Long queues have led to customer walkways and also for customers passing by, it has set a negative impression on the business.

Managing customer inflows effectively is the need of the hour. Physical queues are things of the past. Businesses have to think differently, else their reputation which was built over the years would get ruined very quickly.

"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside" - Wayne Dyer.

Its high time virtual queuing becomes a business-standard. Pandemics like these are beyond our control and we need to do what we can. The biggest hurdle that businesses have to cross is customer dissatisfaction over standing in never-ending queues. Businesses need to justify their reputation that was built over the years, by offering exemplary customer service in these torrid times.

Boolean Array, Canada has come up with a smart app-based and user-friendly digital virtual queuing solution - Q Waits Business which lets your customers check-in remotely to your business at the comfort of their home through QWaits app or just by sending a text SMS. Customers do not need to stand in queues anymore. They get notified at regular intervals, and they can reach only when their turn approaches. This smart app lets customers manage their priorities and manage their crucial time effectively.

Ready to incorporate virtual queuing in your business? You are just a download away.

Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going. If you have any queries please feel free to call us at +1 289-633-4230 or send us an email at

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