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  • Sandipta Pal

Virtual queuing - a necessity for today's business

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The world is yet to overcome the massive effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown measures implemented to flatten the curve. We have not experienced a disaster of such magnitude in our lifetime. With social distancing being the new normal, customer inflows have reduced and businesses have been facing an enormous challenge to sustain. Brick and mortar stores have faced most of the heat as customers are not going out of their homes unless it is absolutely urgent. E-commerce platforms have become the new alternative, where people get their essentials delivered at their doorsteps.

For brick and mortar stores, everything is not lost yet. Still, most of the retail sales happen offline. The best part of offline shopping is, customers, get their products right away and they do not have to wait for getting it delivered. Offline businesses also allow customers to build personal connections with them and which in fact builds loyalty. But then, it's not all roses for brick and mortar stores. Customers do not want to wait for their turn, for hours without knowing the expected wait time. Extreme weather conditions, boredom, and the new normal of social distancing are causes of distress for customers when they go out to buy their essentials. Nowadays, customers will hesitate to stand in long queues in fear of contracting the deadly virus. So what's the way out for the businesses to come out from this negativity and rise again?

"Everything negative -pressures, challenges -is all an opportunity for me to rise."-Kobe Bryant

For businesses to sustain themselves and rise from this situation, the most important factor which needs to be addressed is customer satisfaction. Standing in long queues frustrates the customers and often lead to customer walkways. One such solution which provides a glimpse of hope is virtual queuing. Virtual Queuing has become a necessity in this new normal.

To reduce customer walkways and enrich the customer experience, Boolean Array, Canada has come up with a smart app-based, user-friendly virtual queuing solution - Q Waits Business so that businesses can operate more efficiently. Customers can now check-in remotely from the comfort of their home through the QWaits app or just by sending a text SMS and come to the store only when their turn approaches. They can easily manage their other priorities in between. They are notified at regular intervals about their status in the queue. What's more fascinating is, customers, who have checked-in through the QWaits app can now step back if they cannot make it when it's their turn. This gives the flexibility to be in the queue instead of going back to the fag end of the queue all over again.

Willing to speed up your business with zero customer walkways?

Download the best user-friendly Digital Queuing System app - Q Waits Business from and get going. If you have any queries please feel free to call us at +1 289-633-4230 or send us an email at

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