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How to setup multiple kiosks in Q Waits Business?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Setting up multiple kiosk, is a special feature available in Basic and Premium plans.

If you are subscribed to either of these plans, you will have to add your kiosk names by tapping Manage kiosk names in Queue Settings.

Basic Plan

A basic plan allows you to setup multiple kiosks even as a single user. For this to work, you will have to initially define the kiosk names. Do this by going to Queue settings --> Mange kiosk names. Make sure you have turned on Multiple in Kiosk mode from the Business settings before this step.

Once you have the kiosk names defined, you can select a kiosk name for a customer when you make a customer Active.

When the customer gets the notification for being Active, the system also sends the kiosk name as part of the notification.

Premium Plan

If you are subscribed to Premium plan, you will have multiple team members. Setup the kiosk names the same way as mentioned for the Basic plan above. Each of the members will now be able to select a kiosk and save it in their profile. Once kiosk name has been saved in the profile, and the team member makes a customer active, the customer will get a notification along with the kiosk name of the member who made him/her active.

Note: The kiosk name can also be changed for a customer, at the time of making a customer Active.

Micro Plan

Kiosk management is not available in a Micro plan.

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