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  • Sandipta Pal

How to manage multiple queues?

Your organization can have multiple queues. For example in a hospital, there are multiple departments and each department has their own queue. You can easily manage queues of different departments through this single app.

Multiple queue management is available only in Premium plan. Once you subscribe to Premium plan, tap on Business settings and then tap on Manage multiple queues. You can add a queue for your business based on the business location or device location. If you have multiple departments in your business location please select business location and if you have multiple departments across different locations, please specify the address and select Device location.

Once you are done adding your queue, tap on the hamburger icon, then on Queue Settings. Select a Queue for yourself to specify the details such as, Current Operation mode, Business hours, Senior hours, Offers & Promotions, Kiosk names and add service categories.

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