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How to add details to your Queue

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Tap on the hamburger icon and then once the drawer opens, tap on Queue settings. If you have multiple queues in your business, you will be able to select each of the queues from here and specify the details of that queue from here.

Branding: On the top of the Queue settings screen, you can upload your business logo so that your customers can also get to see your logo along with the name and address when they check-in either through the Q Waits app or the web link provided by you.

Current Operation Mode: In the Queue settings screen, you will be able to specify your current operation mode. Current Operation mode can be Normal, Limited, Closed, Curbside pickup, Online Delivery and Take out. If you mark your business closed, you cannot choose any other option. If you select Normal or Limited Entry, you can also select Curbside pickup, Online Delivery and Take out. You can also add some additional information in this section, about your business which might be helpful for your customers.

Current offers and Promotions: At any point of time if you wish to boost your sales by running offers or promotions, you can turn this feature on. You can specify a date till which you wish to run the offer and also upload your promotional graphic in this section. Your current offers and promotions as set by you will be visible to all customers who use the Q Waits app. Once you are done with the offers and promotions, you can simply tap on the graphic and remove it and also turn off the settings.

Business Hours: In the Queue settings screen, you will be able to specify your business hours. Now your customers know your operating hours, thus it's easier for them to plan their visit to your business as per their convenience.

Senior hours:

Below the Business Hours, is the Senior hours section. Senior hours section lets your customers know if your business is having dedicated hours for seniors.

​You can also specify additional information regarding Senior hours for your business which might be useful for your customers.

The Current operation mode, Current offers and Promotions, Business hours, and Senior hours, if specified will be visible to all the users of "Q Waits" app, when they tap on this business. They will only be able to view this information but cannot make any changes.

Manage Service categories: In this section you will be able to add service categories for your business so that customers can select the appropriate service category and check-in. It can be useful both for you as a business owner and also the customer. You get to know before hand about the service for which the customer has queued up and and serve him/her accordingly as and when the status turns Active. Customers can select Service categories only if they check-in through the Q Waits app or by using the web link. For SMS check-in, this feature is not available.

You can also define questions for your service categories. By default questions added for service categories are set as optional, but you can mark it mandatory for the customer to answer while they check-in.

Customization: All the settings that you have defined for your business in Business settings are inherited for your queue by default. However you can always have customized settings for your queue. If you have multiple queues you can customize each of your queue as per your business requirements. Once you select drag the switch towards "Customize this queue", your queue won't be using the business settings anymore.

Enable lobby waiting: Lobby waiting is a feature which allows you to define how many customers you would like to accommodate in your lobby. Once you enable this feature for your queue, specify "Maximum people in the lobby" value by tapping on the edit icon, and select Lobby in SMS notifications, customers will get a notification when their turn comes to enter your lobby. Please note that this feature is unchecked by default.

Enable Group check-in: There are many customers who are accompanied by their family members or office colleagues or may be friends. Once you turn on this feature, this app is capable of keeping a track of actual number of people who would be entering your business premises. You can specify the "Maximum people in the group" by tapping on the edit icon.

Allow activation by a batch: This is a feature which you might need while organizing an event and you need to allow multiple people at one go. Once you enable this feature, you can specify the headcount of people that you wish to allow at a time. Please note that this feature is available only in Premium plan.

Scan QR code to activate: By enabling this feature you will be able to scan the QR code generated in Q Waits app on the customer mobile. Once you scan the QR code, you can tap on the customer and change the status of the customer. If you turn on "Track Entry / Exit" under this feature, you will be able to view the status directly by scanning the QR code. This feature is however available only in Premium plan.

Queue closed message: Queue closed message as the name suggests is the message that your customers get to see when your queue is closed. In Business settings you can define your Queue closed message and the same gets applicable for all your queues. But if you wish to customize the message for your queues, you can do it from here.

Gratitude message: You would definitely like to thank your customers who have visited your business. The Gratitude message that you have defined in Business settings is applicable for all the queues of your business. You can also customize the message for each of your queue in Queue settings. If you wish to change the Gratitude message for your queue, simply tap on it and type your message. This message will be sent to al your customers who visited your business and got your service.

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