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SMS credits

Every subscription plan comes with free SMS credits for SMS check-ins and notifications


No of credits

0 (US/CA)

0 (India)


No of credits

225 (US/CA)

1450 (India)


No of credits

450 (US/CA)

2900 (India)


No of credits

900 (US/CA)

5850 (India)

SMS bundle packs

These SMS bundle packs can be purchased if additional SMS credits are required for SMS check-ins and sending SMS notifications

* Plans can be purchased from inside the app (in-app purchase)

SMS pack 100

100 additional SMS credits

USD: 7.99

CAD: 10.99

INR: 89.00 (India only)

SMS pack 500

500 additional SMS credits

USD: 25.99

CAD: 35.99

INR: 269.00 (India only)

SMS pack 5000

5000 additional SMS credits

USD: 159.99

CAD: 219.99

INR: 2099.00 (India only)

SMS pack 200

200 additional SMS credits

USD: 12.99

CAD: 17.99

INR: 179.00 (India only)

SMS pack 1000

1000 additional SMS credits

USD: 41.99

CAD: 57.99

INR: 449.00 (India only)

* SMS bundle packs never expire. They get carry forwarded to the following month and get added with free credits for the month when the subscription renews.

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