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One stop AI enabled smart virtual queuing app that solves the problems with traditional queuing system.


A simple, app based virtual queuing solution for your business.

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Features List

A customer experience customized for your business

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App check-in

Customers can use their app to check-in to your business. This helps them to use the same app to check-in for different businesses. No need to have multiple apps on their phone.

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Notify customers

Your customers are always updated with their position in the queue and with approximate wait times. Additional notifications sent when it is their turn for your service.

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Analytics & reporting

Reports on average wait times, queue lengths, service categories based on time periods helps you take better decisions to improve efficiency, optimize flow.

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Web or QR check-in

If customers do not want to install app, they can check-in to your business using web check-in. You can add this url to your website or have a QR code displayed in your premise.

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Multiple queues

Manage more one than one queue using the same app. Redirect customers to different kiosks based on their needs. Optimize queue flow and provide service in parallel.

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Team management

Register multiple business users and provide custom permissions. Allow multiple business users to manage queue at the same time. Enable automatic redirection to current business user kiosk.

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SMS check-in

Give flexibility to your customers to check in multiple ways. In addition to app/web check-in, allow users to check in by sending a TEXT (SMS) to a pre-registered number. 

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Service categories

Get to know your customers before they arrive. Define service categories and get information at the time of remote check-in. Prepare beforehand and excel in customer satisfaction.

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Display your brand logo and other information including promotions and offers to your customers at the time of check-in. A nice way to engage people at the right time.


Reward your clients with comfort

Don't restrict your clients physically waiting in the line.
Give them the flexibility to check in virtually and wait in their comfort from anywhere.
Notify them when their turn comes up.
Let your clients utilize this time doing something they want. 
Happy Customers! Happy Business!

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Why use Q Waits Business


Less lineups and wait times

Eliminate wait times and long lines by around 95% by allowing users to check-in remotely.

They keep getting notified about their status and wait time on their app.


Customer walkaway reduction

Your customer will not walk away looking at the long lineup. Allow them to check-in and utilize their wait time doing their important stuff.

Happy customers, happy you!


Reduce cost on equipment

You do not need to maintain expensive hardware on display and ticketing systems.

It is 100% cloud based (hardware independent). Only use your phone or tablet that everyone carries.

and much more...



Keep control on how many people enter into your business at a time.


Avoid long lineups to kiosks. Allow people to enter only when they get notified.


Improve patient experience, avoid crowded waiting areas and control flow.

Salons & spa

Avoid crowed waiting areas. Notify people when it is their turn.


Control visit flow, improve waiting experience. Add a relaxing atmosphere.

Public services

Avoid crowed waiting areas. Notify people when it is their turn.


Automate student queuing and guide them to proper kiosk based on their needs.

Fitness clubs

Reduce perceived waiting time improve level of service and customer satisfaction.

or any other business

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